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EFT with Animals

Accredited 'Live' Courses Online . Pre Launch Offers!

Welcome to EFT with Animals !

Hello and I am delighted to welcome you to my World where we are truly all 'One Energy' . Working with Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping as it is often known, I see this 'One Energy' consistently. I am passionate about EFT as it saved me from a brain heamorrhage approximately 20 years ago where I worked with serious illness as a speciality and around 12 years now with animals as a speciality. I am additionally passionate about Animals, Wildlife, Insects and Nature and I have seen first hand how EFT works so beautifully simply with these and importantly, is effective. Finally, I am passionate about sharing EFT and how to use it with Animals for many reasons and love to share my expertise, knowledge , skills and 'how to' techniques, along with my own research with you. 

Feel free to join my workshops and courses ranging from a one day workshop for use with your own animal companions and I am really excited to announce that my professional course working towards Practitioner level through Accreditation is ready for you to participate. I have secured EFT with Animals as an Accredited Course and secured two insurance companies to cover Practitioners.

The main prerequisite for these courses is that you need a sound knowledge of EFT. If you haven't knowledge of EFT and wish to proceed with this first, then please visit my EFT Online website with full information here.  Information on the EFT With Animal Courses below.


Foundational One Day Course

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